1-1 Reflection Journal: Defining Global Health and the Global Health Nursing Role

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Journal Instructions

To get started, consider what you know and understand about public and global health nursing. Try to identify what role elements would be similar and/or different between these two fields. Write down these thoughts and include a brief statement about where your assumptions and biases about the fields come from.

Next, read and reflect on the article Towards a Common Definition of Global Health from the module resources. Also, explore the International Council of Nurses website.

In two to three paragraphs or less, post your initial writing about public and global health nursing along with a version of your own definition of global health and the role of the global health nurse. Reflect on any changes or confirmations of your assumptions and biases and evaluate your learning after reflecting on the “Towards a Common Definition of Global Health” article. Were there any surprises in what you learned or what you thought about global health or the role of the global health nurse? Provide rationale or examples from the article or other peer-reviewed resources that support your evaluation of what you have learned.

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