1 2 research paper of a recent it news item of interest e g article issue report or event to serve as the focus for a news commentary a 3min powerpoint presentation with slide notes about the same topic


  1. IT News Commentary Research. Identify a recent IT news item of interest (e.g., article, issue, report, or event) to serve as the focus for a news commentary. The news item must be recent in occurrence and address an information systems (IS) related technology topic of direct relevance to accounting practice and/or course content. Conduct supporting research to synthesize a sound understanding of the selected news item and IT topic(s) to which it relates. Supporting research may be conducted using print, media, and/or online sources. Note: Research must include a minimum of 3 distinct outside sources.
  2. IT News Commentary Write-Up. Prepare a concise, properly formatted write-up (1-2 pages including written responses, illustrations, references). Your write-up must include:
    1. The title and original source of recent IT news item (1 line).
    2. A discussion of the IT topics(s) (e.g., background/concepts/technologies) to which the IT news item relates (1paragraph)
    3. A discussion of the key point(s) of the IT news item (1 paragraph).
    4. A commentary on the relevance of the IT news item to accounting practice and/or course content[3] AND a statement re the personal value of the knowledge you acquired while completing this assignment[4] (1paragraph).
    5. A properly formatted reference section containing a minimum of 3 distinct outside sources (e.g., articles, news reports, websites) used to support your news commentary.[5]

IT News Commentary Presentation. Deliver a brief informal presentation to the class (
2-3 minutes).

[1] The news item must have occurred within the last 6 months; older items are only appropriate if more recent items (i.e., recent items that follow-up on or update the selected item) can be integrated into your commentary.

[2] There are numerous IT topics relevant to accounting practice/course content. See the AICPA Information Management and Technology Assurance page (https://www.aicpa.org/interestareas/informationtechnology.html) and/or Cybersecurity Resource Center (https://www.aicpa.org/interestareas/frc/assuranceadvisoryservices/cyber-security-resource-center.html) for examples of relevant IT topics.

[3] Consider the topics(s)/issue(s) to which the IT news item relates and comment on their applicability to practicing accountants and/or topics covered in this course.

[4] Consider what you learned while completing this assignment and comment on the personal importance of such knowledge to you, how such knowledge furthered your understanding of information systems, and/or how such knowledge offers value to you as an aspiring accounting professional.

[5] Course text, course notes, and other assigned course materials may be referenced but will NOT count as outside sources. Moreover, Wikipedia is NOT a legitimate reference for the purposes of this assignment.

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