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Number and respond to each of the following FIVE questions/prompts. Use correct MLA formatting for the source and in-text citation for quoting and/or paraphrasing. Correct MLA is worth an additional 25 points.

  1. Write no more than 3-5 sentences in which you fully introduce the author’s argument, including author’s full name, genre of text, title, original source of publication, intended audience, date, kairos, and major claim.
  2. Identify and briefly explain the type of reasoning employed: deductive or inductive.
  3. Identify two strategies the author employs to appeal to credibility (ethos), reasoning (logos), and/or emotion (pathos) and quote from the text to illustrate choices.
  4. Identify the assumption(s) on which the argument is based.
  5. Evaluate the extent to which his intended audience would find the argument convincing.

Be sure to follow these directions carefully, as you are not asked to give your opinion on the content, only on whether or not the argument is effective for the intended audience. Responses that are personal will not receive credit.

You may revise your answers here as much as you like until the Forum closes. Do not create a new post, just edit your original.


After posting your response, choose two of your peers who have not received a reply, and do the following:

  • Introduce yourself and say hello!
  • Provide insightful and constructive feedback on each of the five components of their post (5 points each to total 25 for each reply). Remember, your feedback should be delivered with intellectual humility. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, be “HUMBLE.”

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