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17th amendment
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My thesis paper needs to be 75 pages long. It is on the 17th amendment of the U.S. constitution. (Prior to its ratification U.S. senators were not elected by popular vote; they were chosen by their
state legislatures.)
My plan was to make the first 25 pages about the history leading up to the amendment (why/how it was passed). The two main reasons is believed to be corruption and empty senate seats.
I need a total of 25 cited (primary and secondary) sources. My plan is to research the circumstances of corruption (proven back-door deal-making between state legislators and their chosen senator)
and empty seats. Because there were no firm guidelines for how state legislatures were to be chosen (and even when legislation was attempted to remedy this…too many loopholes remained) many seats
remained vacant creating for an inefficient legislative process.
Besides that…the events leading up to the 17th amendment being passed (the main sponsors and their justification, as well those who opposed it and why.

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