2 page essay

2 pages Doubled Spaced 12 font 1 inch margin 4 paragraphs. find an article you want to use related to the chapter. with one reading ill attach below


Intro: starts broad & narrow with a unique argument or controversial claim.(engaged/ introduce author)

Body : 2 paragraphs supporting your claim include quotes and references that are relevant ex. in chapter 7..how ever I disagree…. 1-2 sentence per quote

conclusion : reiterate your argument, brief summary/ explanation.

optional bonus*

further studies in this paper I argue that…suggest further exploration

reaction paper must include properly formatted citations from the readings. these paper will allow students to consider their reactions to what they have learned and to the issues raised in the readings. some questions that might be useful to consider in these response papers include:

what is the authors main idea?

do you agree with the author? do you accept the author theories or observations?

what, if anything, has the author not thought about?

*is your personal response or reaction to the reading ? are their links to your own life or experiences ?*

Most importantly, what connections can you make to previous readings or to what you’ve learned in other classes?

each paragraph must have 7 good sentences. no more then 2 complete pages.

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