6 7 page essay out of 3 choices you can decide which topic to write on


Pick only one question from the list below. This is not a timed exam but you have to submit it by the due date. Read academic integrity section of the syllabus and write your essay accordingly to avoid plagiarism and its consequences. This is a multi-paragraph essay. Textbook and class notes are the only acceptable sources. Do not use outside sources such as media news outlets, commentary websites, or blogs. Do not directly quote more than one sentence from the book. The final essay must be your own words.

  • Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Describe the history and goals of the Oslo peace process, beginning with its roots in the outcome of the Six Day War and subsequent UN Security Council Resolutions, the Camp David peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, the Intifada and the Madrid peace process. What were the reasons behind the secret talks that led to Oslo from each side’s perspective? What are the outcomes of Oslo Peace talks and what is the situation nowadays?
  • Syria and Yemen Conflicts: Compare and contrast Yemen Conflict with that in Syria in terms of roots of each conflict in history, the role of foreign actors/forces, situation in different regions in Yemen and Syria, what happened between the groups involved in the conflicts as a product of the past, how the current conflicts began and what are the parties involved in the current conflicts, and the situation nowadays.
  • Iran Deal: Describe the history and goals of Iran Nuclear Agreement between Iran and P 5+1. Begin with the roots of the US-Iran conflicts and Iranian’s memories of CIA-led coup in 1953. Explain the US-Iran relation transformations during the time of the Shah of Iran. What was the situation after 1979 Iranian Revolution such as during Iran-Iraq war between 1980-1988? When and why Iranians pursued a nuclear program? What are the alternatives now that Trump exited this international treaty?
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