650 words about the main character in the short story 1

Assignment 1: Character Function

Overview/Purpose of Assignment

In works of literature, a characters presence, grand and important or appearing brief and insignificant, can have an effect on the text and reader. Choose a piece of short fiction that we have discussed so far in class and write an essay in which you show how such a character functions in the work. You may wish to discuss how the character affects action, theme, or the development of other characters. Avoid plot summary.

*If you want to choose another piece of short fiction or piece of literature with literary merit, please discuss it with me.

Think about characterization when writing your essay: character development, motivation, identifying the most important character, considering the characterspersonalities and values, and consider how the storys action grows out of its central character.

Remember, this is a literary analysis.

An arguable thesis

Careful attention to the language of the text

Attention to patterns or themes

A clear interpretation

MLA style

Research Requirements

There is no research required for this essay. The only required source is the one piece of literature you will be citing. However, if you choose to site multiple works or compare/contrast two characters from separate works, they must go on your Work Cited page. If you also choose to further research on the character or the story to further support your claim, feel free, but again it is not required.


MLA Format. This includes 1-inch margins, font size 12 Times New Roman (or a font similar), and double-spaced. A Works Cited page is required since you will be providing evidence from a piece of literature, which is a source.

Due Dates & Length

Final draft due 9/18 on Blackboard. 650 words FIRM.

Academic Integrity Warning

Failure of improperly documenting your work including quoting, paraphrasing, and bibliographic citations, will result in a penalty up to course failure. See syllabus for more. If in doubt, cite it. If you have questions, contact your instructor.

Highly Effective


Somewhat Effective

Not Effective

Not Acceptable



One thesis that strongly and clearly states the topic and stance and directly answers the prompt.

One thesis that states the topic and stance and somewhat answers the prompt.

Thesis is vague or unclear. Attempts to answer prompt.

Thesis cannot be understood, is completely off topic, or is missing. Does not address prompt.


Evidence and Reasoning/ Analysis

Evidence is well chosen and strongly supports thesis. Reasoning connects evidence to claim in a clear, logical, and highly effect way.

Evidence is well chosen. Evidence supports the thesis. Reasoning clearly and logically connects evidence to claim, but could be more thorough.

Evidence is weak. Reasoning is unclear or incomplete, but some support exists.

Evidence is unconvincing or off-topic. Reasoning is insufficient or illogical.

Evidence is missing, does not support, or contradicts claim. Reasoning is missing or false.



Well-organized, thoughtful, and planned response. Uses transitions appropriately and correctly. Introduces the topic in an interesting way and has a solid conclusion.

Response is mostly organized. Uses some transitions. Ideas are mostly clear. Includes an introduction and conclusion.

Response has problems in order of ideas. Attempts to use transitions. Ideas are somewhat clear.

Response shows no organization. Does not use or incorrectly uses transitions. Ideas are not clear.


Writing Conventions

Almost no errors. Sentences are well constructed and show variety. Sentences flow together, clearly connecting ideas.

Demonstrates a strong knowledge of formal academic writing and MLA rules.

Some errors, but that does not affect understanding. Sentences flow together, clearly connecting ideas. There are no extra sentences.

Demonstrates attention to formal academic writing and MLA rules.

Sentences are repetitive in structure. Some sentences are awkward, but most are clear. Sentences do not always connect.

Demonstrates some attention to formal academic writing and MLA rules, but needs significant editing.

Frequent errors affect understanding. Sentences are choppy and unclear. Sentences are awkward.

Demonstrates some attention to formal academic writing and MLA rules, but needs significant editing.

Numerous errors significantly affect understanding.

Demonstrates no attention to formal academic writing or MLA rules.

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