• A DVD costs $3 and sells for $8. Find the amount of markup.
  • Solve for the unknown in the equation. 5B+2B-7=7
  • Solve for the unknown in the equation. C/2 – 3 =4
  • One manufacturer currently receives a trade discount series of 5/20/20 on merchandise purchased from a furniture company. He is negotiating with another furniture manufacturer to purchase similar furniture of the same quality. The first company lists a dining room table and six chairs for $1,863. The other company lists a similar set for $ 1,856 and a trade discount series of 5/5/20. Which deal is better? The first deal- $1,863 with the 5/20/20 discount series. The second deal- $1,856 with the 5/5/20 discount series.
  • One manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with a list price of $900 and a trade discount series of 11/8/5. Use the net decimal equivalent to find the net price.
  • .Cost = $54; selling price= $60. Find the rate of markup based on the selling price.
  • ·A man gets an invoice for $420with terms 3/10, 1/15, n/29. How much would he pay 23 days after the invoice date?
  • ·A man received an invoice for a leaf blower for $493 dated April 18 with sales terms of 2/10 EOM. How much should he pay if he pays the bill on April 28?
  • A wallet is marked up $5, which is a 50% markup based on cost. What is the cost of the wallet?
  • Solve the equation. 6x-3=21
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