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a letter about an introduction
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due by 9:00 pm on May 20th.
Write a letter to your professor so she can get to know you. Be sure to use the conventions of letter writing, including a heading, salutation/greeting, body, closing/signature. Begin by telling her about yourself (major(s)/minor(s)/specializations, etc., hometown, year in school, interests, hobbies, clubs, work, etc.). Then answer the following questions:
1.Why are you taking this course? Not just IAH, but this particular course
2.What do you hope to get out of the course? A: Know more about the culture of America.(both North America and Latin America).
3.Do you have any experience with Latin American Studies? With American Studies? A: I don’t have much experiences with Latin American and American studies… I’m studying in American college, that’s the only source I get to know something about North America.
4.Where have you travelled in the US and/or Latin America? A: I’ve been to LA, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Tulsa, New York, the only place I’ve been to in Latin America is Cancun,Mexico.
5.Have you studied Spanish or Portuguese? How much? Do you speak any other languages? A: I can’t speak Spanish and Portuguese. I can speak Mandarin, English and a little Korean.
6.Have you taken online courses before? If so, what was that experience like? A: I took online courses before. Most of them are summer courses, moved really fast, I need to work on them for more than 6 hours everyday…
My personal information, help you write this letter:
I’m from China, have a complete family. Grow up in coastal city Yantai, Shandong province. Attended school in Yantai til Junior High School, then went to a private school in Beijing during high school period. I’ve been to Korea, Japan, Thailand Mexico and America and I study in American college—Michigan State University. This is the fourth year of my college student life. I learned to play the piano for 11 years and taekwondo for 1 year.

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