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1 Written Assessment
Assessment Title Written Assessment item 1
Task Description
Key Aspects
This first assessment item requires students to apply international business law (IBL), policy concepts and ideas learned in the topics covered up to the time of assessment submission. There is a distinct emphasis on applied learning. This applies equally to question parts which are more discussion style and those that are more problem solving oriented. The assessment item tests the application of IBL plus policy considerations to factual scenarios (actual or hypothetical) and issues. Students are also expected to engage in critical analysis of the relevant IBL and policy either in general terms or having regard to factual scenarios outlined. Case decision analysis skills may also tested in this assessment item.
Assessment Criteria
The two assessment items will use the following assessment criteria:
Problem solving. The focus of many parts of the assessment items is upon developing applied problem solving skills. This requires students to read and analyse a fact scenario matrix, identify IBL and policy issues, then apply these in conjunction with case law and/or international treaties or conventions to develop a reasoned outcome to the issues presented by the problem matrix.
Critical thinking. Students are required to critically analyse and evaluate information, facts, policy matters and IBL in a problem solving context. The skills being emphasised involve the critical appraisal and reflection of IBL issues and the application of case law, treaties and conventions against a factual matrix.
Information literacy. The assessment items test understanding and comprehension of critical IBL knowledge and policy issues discussed in topics covered prior to submission. Students need to develop understanding and familiarity with key IBL terms and concepts introduced in relevant topics covered. This information understanding and literacy is tested more in an applied rather than a descriptive context.
Information technology competence. The assessment items test students’ aptitude and capability to access web-based information and resources. Competence in producing academic written work with use of technology forms part of the assessment items.
Ethical practice. In formulating responses to questions posed, students are exercising judgment and weighing possible courses of action in resolving on particular outcomes to IBL-related problem solving questions. This process indirectly applies ethical practice in action.
Referencing Style Harvard (author-date)
Submission Online
1. Define international law.
2. Explain the sources of international law.
3. Describe the various categories of legal systems in the world.
4. Describe the various means of international dispute resolution.
5. Explain how the Vienna Sales Convention may apply to contracts for the international sale of goods and the main articles of the CISG.

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