Below are common portrayals of business situations, you are to Write 1-2 paragraph describing your assessment of both sides of the following situations. You hear about the situations from a 3rd party, what are your recommendations and actions as a HR professional.

  • One department that has received a big project and all employees are being asked to work weekends. You over hear one colleague explain that Saturday is the Sabbath for her and she will not work. The supervisor says if you do not work, you will be fired. As a HR Manager – what would you advise?
  • A different manager wants to receive a higher year end bonus by demonstrating higher production by his team. She is requesting that her team work a minimum of 2 hours additional each day until the end of the year. Employees are unhappy because December is a busy month for them with their families, planning and shopping for holidays in December. As an HR Manager you hear about the situation – what would you do?
  • A male employee is interested in dating a female employee. The female employee has no interest at all. She grows uncomfortable with the situation and comes to speak with you. As a HR manager, what do you do?

In answering all these situations, the overall length shall be 2 pages, APA formatted, citing at least 3 references in support of your paper.

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