Advanced Microcomputer Applications

Week 4 Discussion

Both Excel and Google Sheets allow the user to add additional worksheet tabs to allow for multiple sheets within one larger workbook. Give an example from your personal or professional life where it might be necessary to create a workbook with multiple tabs. Are there any potential challenges or disadvantages to maintaining several tabs in one worksheet vs. keeping several separate files?

Additionally, using your Week 3 discussion submission attachment (your spreadsheet using the SUM function), create two new tabs (to give you a total of 3 sheets). Rename each sheet to a theme of your choice, but something that makes sense when used together (such as tabs for three different client payment logs in your landscaping business). Also, change the colors of each tab to be unique from each other. The workbook should contain data on the original sheet from your prior submission, but otherwise, just focus on the work for the worksheet tabs. You do NOT need to create new data for all three pages. Submit the spreadsheet as an attachment so others can see what you have done and comment on your work. Be sure to use your own sheet tab names and not those that others have used. When thinking about the use of sparklines in a workbook, what are some of the considerations you must make in choosing this as a graphical representation option when compared to a full chart? In your response, indicate what you perceive to be some of the pros and cons of using a sparkline relative to using a full size chart. Are there any situations where using a combination of the two in the same workbook might be useful in your opinion? Why or why not?

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