Advancing Development Paper – Adolescence –

Advancing Development Paper – Adolescence
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Week 5 | Advancing Development Paper – Adolescence
Research and detail how you will optimize your assigned area of development (cognitive, physical, emotional/spiritual, spiritual moral) for Adolescence. You will:
1. Based on your research, identify 2-4 vital issues related to this developmental stage (Adolescence) as it relates to the area of development (cognitive, physical, emotional/spiritual, spiritual moral) and specific ways to address and/or improve this issue.
2. Identify and concisely detail 2 possible problems related to this stage (Adolescence) as it relates to the area of development (cognitive, physical, emotional/spiritual, spiritual moral) and give recommendations to overcome the identified possible problems. If significant issues are not pertinent identify ways to optimize this stage and area of development. All recommendations need to be based on experts and/or research.
3. Write 3-4 multiple choice or short answer quiz questions. Save answers on a separate document for submission on a later date.
4. 3 pages in length, minimum 5 resources, APA format.
Text book:
Feldman, R. S. (2008). Discovering the lifespan, 1st ed. Old Tappan, NJ: Pearson Publishing.
Example: Physical Development for Adolescence
Detail about significance of potty training for toddlers and how to address/improve this area
Another vital issue
Another vital issue
Possible problems: detail difficulties related to a child losing physical skills
Another possible problem
Quiz questions
Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism through Please review the University’s Academic Integrity policy statement regarding plagiarism.
How to Avoid Plagiarism
• Submit a draft version of your written work prior to the deadline in order to see a preview of the Turnitin® Originality Report. The report will take several minutes to process after your submission so you may have to come back to view it later.
• After reviewing the Originality Report, revise any content in your writing that is seen as a direct copy from other sources, as shown in the Originality Report.
• To reduce the chances for plagiarism, always add quotation marks around any words that you have copied from other sources and include a properly formatted reference to those sources within the text of your paper, as well as in a References page.
• To completely avoid any potential for plagiarism, rewrite the content using your own words to paraphrase it rather than directly quoting it.
• In either case, always cite your sources within the text and in the References page, whether you directly quote or paraphrase someone else’s writing.
• Instructions for submitting a Turnitin® draft assignment (opens in a new window)

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