american presidency

1. Neustadt’s book seeks to describe an account of presidential power that is not normally ascribed to presidents. Describe that notion of power and how presidents have used that power well and poorly throughout American history. [Hint: Neustadt begins his analysis with FDR and doesn’t go any earlier than that.] Do you agree or disagree with Neustadt’s account of presidential power and how presidents have used it? Why or why not?

2. Azari’s book deals with presidential rhetoric and the meaning of elections. What are the different ways that presidents interpret the meaning of elections? Why would a president claim a mandate or not claim a mandate after a victory in a presidential election? How has the nature of presidential interpretation of elections changed over the course of time (since the early 1970s)?

3. Sides et al give a quantitative account of what happened in the 2016 presidential election. Given what you know about elections and presidential power from Azari and Neustadt, does Donald Trump have a claim for a mandate after the 2016 election? Further, is Trump exercising power effectively during his tenure as president? Use both Azari and Neustadt to give an interpretation of Trump’s post-election behavior (rhetoric and use of power) in light of what you know about how Trump won the election from Sides et al. Draw upon the texts.

books mentioned: Richard E. Neustadt, Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents (1990). Free Press.

Julia Azari, Delivering the People’s Message (2014). Cornell University Press.

John Sides, Michael Tesler, and Lynn Vavreck, Identity Crisis (2018). Princeton University Press.

these books are the only acceptable sources.

12pt times new roman. do not type out question. answer each question fully and number them

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