An assessment of typical and atypical antipsychotic drug safety –

Topic: An assessment of typical and atypical antipsychotic drug safety
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I WOULD LIKE complete my introduction First of all 1-PLEAS PLEASE IF you finish any part or page please send to or download me due to my supervise need i show her my writing :
2- use web of science,scopes,pumped ,update published
3-please follow the structure by heading
4- use the structure for both ATYPICAL & TYPICAL
E.g typical antispychotic(Haloperidol )
E.g Atypical antipsychotic (Olanzapine)
5- appled the method for both type of antipsychotic + human studies (clinical)
a- introduction on what the toxicant,its source and expose to the general population( haloperidol & olanzapine)
b-toxicokinetic information modes and route of absorption,distribution,metabolism,excretion/eliminationbioavilaability,plasma have life of toxicants(haloperidol & olanzapine),
c-Mechanisms of toxicity: cellular targets and mechanisms of toxicity (haloperidol & olanzapine)
d- Target organ toxicity (cardiovascular )that are damaged as result of expose to this toxicant , to what extent dose it damage these organ , is it lethal (haloperidol & olanzapine)
e- Toxicity assessment : how would you assess if this substance was toxic ,what are its limits of toxicity concentration
write also what methodology you use it
– write about epidemiology
at the end of introduction you should write bout gap knowledge and rational

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