an outline for a research paper

1. (20 pts) Create a ~2 page outline

  • At the top of the paper, include your name, date, and the title of your paper. Also include a reference (APA) for your paper at the end of your outline.
  • Under each of the headings listed below, explain (in your own words) what was presented/discussed. For each section you should think about “what is the purpose of this section?” and “what is the main information that the author is conveying?”. Note that your headings might be different than those provided in the journal article (often for short published articles the headings are removed). Please use bullet form but in complete sentences,
    1. Introduction (background/review), problem, claim/thesis statement.
      • Outline the introduction as usual
      • Copy/paste the thesis statement directly from your paper and then below in a bullet point rephrase in your owns words. This should be the only directly copied part of your outline. Use quotes to denote the directly copied thesis statement.
    2. Methods
    3. Results/Body Paragraphs
    4. Discussion
    5. Conclusions

2. (30 pts) Oral Presentation

  • Create a short PowerPoint (or PDF) presentation on your journal article. You will be presenting your paper to the class using the paper outline as a guide. Essentially take us through the paper, including what the thesis statement is, what methods they used, what data they collected, what their results were (show/explain figures!!) and what the implications of their results are.
  • You will have 5 minutes (and no more) so please plan accordingly. Your audience is your fellow classmates.
  • Include an introduction slide that has the name of the paper you selected, the authors of the paper, and your name and date.
  • You must include and explain figures from your paper (or other supporting papers)
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