an rescher about emerging technology

ENGR 1010AB – Intro to Engineering

Engineering Design Assignment – Fall 2019

Read an article that describes and discusses an emerging technology, product, device, or system. Relate the area to your chosen engineering major. Prepare a written report that analyzes and explains, in detail, each stage of the design process that was probably required in the development of this product or device. Apply the engineering design process discussed in class, and use specific examples to support your statements. Make sure you list your sources in the body of the paper or in a bibliography.

As a starting point, you might consider the annual lists of emerging technologies published by MIT Technology Review, or the Modern Marvels video we watched in class, or another source of interest to you. Links to the MIT Technology Review articles can be found in Week 11 Lecture Slides and Articles folder on Blackboard.

Your paper should state what technology you are writing about. Discuss the actual development of the item in question. Include issues such as why the item is desired, what problems the designers confronted, and specific design decisions that were made, answering the following questions to the extent possible:

  • What is the technology, product, device, or system you are writing about?
  • Why is it important?
  • Who are the key players?
  • When will it be available?
  • How are engineers in your discipline involved?
  • What technical issues need(ed) to be overcome?
  • What are the ethical issues?
  • What are the economic issues?
  • What are the environmental issues?
  • What are the global and/or societal issues?

The paper should be be four or five pages long. Use an easily readable font like 12-point Times New Roman, or 11-point Arial, Verdana, Calibri, with 1 to 1.5 line spacing. Margins should be set to 1 inch all around. Be sure to use correct spelling and grammar.

Cite references as appropriate. They may be online references, but no more than one may be Wikipedia or similar sites. Feel free to use MLA or APA or whatever you are familiar with.

This is the in the homework also I will send the link of the source. (the most important thing is to use simple English )

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