Analysing the global marketing environment –

Topic: Analysing the global marketing environment
Order Description
Length: No more than 4000 words (When grading a report, the marker does not need to read more words than the stipulated word limit.)
Format: Report
Topic – Analysing the global marketing environment
Assume that you are a global marketer working for a company that intends to enter into a foreign country. Your company has assigned you to conduct a thorough environmental analysis, to assist the management in assessing the viability of the business opportunity.
Students are required to select a product/service from a company of their choice OR from the list below. Students are also given the option to decide on a foreign country that the selected company intends to compete in. It is important that students follow the format and guidelines as outlined below.
? AirAsia – engaged in the provision of air transportation services.
Product: fights to Europe as they currently do not provide flights to cost effective flights to Europe. Therefore any Europe country would be fine as the destination.
Format and guidelines
The report should be structured according to the following format and also in accordance with the presentation guidelines (pp. 11–13) as outlined in the Communication skills handbook (2010).
? Letter of transmittal
? Title page
? Executive summary – this section should state the major purpose, the method of analysis and the findings. It should not be more than 1 page in length.

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