analytical essay on maleficent s christ like characteristics

I already did the first two part of the essay, all you need to complete is the last three part of the essay: (underlined)

– Introduction (1 paragraph)

– Description of movie. (1 paragraph)

– Description of the character/characters that exhibit Christ-like characteristics. (1-2 paragraphs)

– Quote from the Gospels with a description of your understanding of the passage that supports the Christ-like characteristic you are focusing on. (1-2 paragraphs)

– Conclusion (1 paragraph)

The entire essay should be within three pages, double spaced, 12 point font, times new roman, MLA citation. Please read what I already wrote and check for any mistake, inaccuracy or grammar errors, make sure the main idea stays the same.

Below is what I have already written, please finish this within 2 hours, it is urgent. Thank you.

#Please don’t use too advanced words or sentences:) (consistency is important!)

In both real life circumstances and fictional stories, mothers’ unquenchable, powerful and unconditional love for their daughters remain strongly within each of them. The Disney movie, Maleficent, is central in presenting such relationship. In Maleficent, the main antagonist, Maleficent’s Christ-like characteristic is reviewed through her unconditional love for her god-daughter, Aurora.

The story focuses on a young fairy with a beautiful name, Maleficent, but undergoes betrayal from her lover Stephan who steals her wings in exchange for his fame and status. Later on, she becomes a beautiful and kind princess Aurora’s god-mother. Aurora accompanies her and serves as a constant reminder of laughter and happiness in Maleficent’s world. Even though Maleficent and Aurora are not blood related mother and daughter, Maleficent is always there when Aurora needs her help and advise. When the queen of the kingdom purposely traps Aurora and other fairies to get revenge on Maleficent, the unconditional love within Maleficent evokes her hidden power. Then she returns as a black phoenix with unlimited power and saves Aurora and the fairies and marries Aurora to the prince whom Aurora loves.

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