analyze public figure from marketing prospective paper

Typed paper copy of your answers to the following questions. No minimum or maximum number of pages.

Responses should be written up as:

  1. Answer…
  2. Answer…

And so on. That is, do not write up as one long essay.


To do this assignment, you will analyze a public figure from a marketing perspective.

You should choose someone who has sought to create a strong personal brand. Examples: President Trump, Taylor Swift.

You should not choose someone who is a public figure but has likely not spent time creating a personal brand. Example: Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner.

You will likely need to conduct research on the internet. Please provide citations, flexible on format used.

You might choose a public figure that you find interesting and/or fun as this will make the assignment more enjoyable.


  1. Who is the public figure you have selected?
  2. What does s/he do?
  3. Why did you select this person for this particular assignment?
  4. What is the or one of the primary target markets this person appears to be appealing to?
  5. How has this person positioned himself for this target market? Note: We’re not asking about geographical positioning here, we’re asking about how this person would like to be perceived by the target market.
  6. How has this person modified him/herself to be appealing for this target market? What are some examples?
  7. How has this person communicated his/her brand image to the target market? What are some examples?
  8. How do you believe this individual might capitalize on the brand image s/he has built for himself/herself in the future?
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