Analyzing and Identifying Theoretical Frameworks in Literacy –

Analyzing and Identifying Theoretical Frameworks in Literacy
After reading chapters 6 & 7 in Handsfield’s Literacy Theory as Practice: Connecting Theory and Instruction in K-12 Classrooms complete the following assignment:
You will choose one video to demonstrating classroom instruction. You can choose them from the links provided below, or you can find relevant videos – just properly cite and provide the link in your written analysis.
Using Handfield’s analyses of the different vignettes (presented in chapters 6 & 7) as your models, write an analysis of your chosen video (2-3 double-spaced pages). When writing about the videos, make sure to clearly identify and explain the theoretical framework(s) the teachers are basing their instruction upon.
These are some guiding questions that may assist your analysis:
What theoretical framework(s) are the teachers basing their instruction upon? Provide an explanation.
What instructional approaches, techniques, and/or activities are the teachers using? Provide an explanation.
Could the lesson be more effective if the teachers used a different theoretical approach? Why? How?
What instructional approach(es) would you suggest to make this lesson more effective in reaching all students? Why?
What theoretical framework(s) are you basing your suggestions upon? Provide an explanation.

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