analyzing refugee international s campaign of 2017 advocating for a robust famine response

Please help with analyzing the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), Refugee International, and one advocacy campaign that it has been involved in. I chose Refugee International’s ADVOCATING FOR ROBUST FAMINE RESPONSE wherein in 2017, the organization successfully campaigned for an additional $990 million in emergency U.S. government funding targeting the famine response in Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, and South Sudan. However, if not much information can be found on this specific advocacy campaign, feel free to chose another advocacy campaign that Refugee International has been involved with.

Please respond with the answer by Saturday, 07 December 2019, 4pm/16:00 US-Pacific Time.

Word Length: 2000 words. Please include a word count after the conclusion. References/Works Cited page is not included in the word count. Please use APA or Chicago style, using in-text citation. Do not use MLA style.

1) Describe the organization Refugee International and the advocacy campaign mentioned in the first paragraph. What did the organization do? Who did it claim to represent? How did it seek to effect change? What sorts of impacts did it have?

2) Analyze its mechanisms of impact. In particular, describe whether the organization succeeded in its objectives and analyze why it was or was not effective. Do this using one or more of the frameworks studied in the course.

3) Analyze the organization’s representivity. In particular, assess whether the organization improved representation for its claimed stakeholders, and why or why not. Consider the issues raised in the course, and use the relevant literature to make your argument.

This is a description of what you should cover in the essay, not a rigid outline. You may want to interweave some of the description with the analysis. Please answer the questions in the prompt completely, with a special emphasis on the integration of data on the organization with the readings/scholarly articles in the analytical sections. Be sure to use appropriate citations for all sources that you use.

Included are a few readings to pull some info from for analysis:

Busby, Joshua W. 2007. (for analyzing effectiveness & roles of advocacy organizations)

Anderson, Kenneth “The Ottawa Convention Banning Landmines…” (for analyzing how NGOs make decisions since they typically claim to be acting on behalf of certain populations or values, but how do such broad allegiances translate into everyday decision-making?)

Cooley, Alexander “The NGO Scramble” (for analyzing how NGOs make decisions-financial consideration; even the most generous organizations must pay to keep the lights on and provide salaries to their staff-how do the financial imperatives influence INGO behavior”

Skim, Wendt “Constructing international politics” (for analyzing how INGOs achieve impact: Constructivist Explanation)

Reimann, KD “A view from the Top” (For analyzing how INGOs achieve impact: Realist Explanation)

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