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Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography
Due Sunday 09 March (Week 4) at 23:30 hours.
Weighting 40%
Please check Unit Outline for all details, including the template structure for presentation.
Assignment Tasks
1. Read the information on Annotated Bibliography found in Student Learning Resources:
2. Choose ONE of these 5 subject areas:
– Student nurses experiences
– End of life /palliative care
– Ageism or sexism in nursing
– Preventing burnout / compassion fatigue in nursing
– Nurses’ safety in the workplace
3. Formulate an answerable question, using a research framework
4. Search the published literature and find 3 original, recent and useful nursing research articles related to your
chosen topic you can use to answer your research question.
5. Write your annotated bibliography using these 3 articles. Each article should be presented in the table format
illustrated below and be roughly 330-400 words (total word count 1000 – 1200 words excluding citations).

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