answer 9 question on economic justice and development

Please answer 1 paragraph for each question. There are sources in the file attachment please use it to answer the questions.

  1. Data demonstrate that many developing countries experience both a domestic savings gap and a foreign exchange gap when it comes to securing adequate financial capital to make real investments in physical capital. Various positions claim that these gaps require foreign aid (both from official and non-governmental sources); others claim foreign direct investment and trade are needed. Argue a position about which approach is most effective, being sure to support your position.
  2. Critics argue that “free” trade is not fair to developing countries. Supporters point to examples of growth and development from trade. What is your position on the question?

3.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of neoliberal and social democracy approaches to development, being sure to sufficiently define what those approaches are.

4.Describing first what it is, explain why microfinance is an attractive approach to raising people with little income out of poverty and why it is limited in doing so.

5. Some microfinance institutions (MFIs) have moved from NGO to for-profit status. Discuss whether this transition is in the best interest of the people the MFIs were created to assist.

6.How do ISI and EPI approaches to growth and development differ in their motivations, implementations, and consequences?

7. Describe which monetary and fiscal policies are appropriate for developing countries, particularly those dependent on loans from international financial organizations.

8.Explain why some developing countries faced a “debt crisis” and what actions have been taken to respond to that crisis.

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