answer questions about tourism policy and planning 2

For each article I want you to answer these questions

1. What is this article about? What is this chapter about?

2. What are the objectives set? what are the learning objectives of the chapter?

3. Why is what is being studied so important? What justifies the study in the article or chapter?

4. How does the author proceed to answer the question/deal with the problem?

5. Are there descriptives, characteristics, attributes, etc being identified and discussed? What are they?

6. What are the main results from the article? What are the main points of the chapter?

7. What can we conclude from the article/chapter?

8. How does what you learn help you in you linking back to knowledge garnered so far till week 3?

9. Why is it important to have such an understanding of the different perspectives and frameworks of sustainable tourism development?

10. How do the different cases add to my understanding of sustainable tourism development frameworks and models?

11. Can I apply what I know now to a particular situation of which I am aware and that could be explained with my new knowledge?

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