1. As you appreciate, human reproduction is sexual, meaning that both a female and male partner are required. To carry out its job, the reproductive systems perform two functions, Mention and explain them.
2. The male reproductive system performs three roles: Produce, nourishes, and transports sperm. Mention, describe and explain the organs and accessory glands of the male reproductive system:location, function, etc.
3. Each day a man makes millions of sperm. The process is calling Spermatogenesis. Describe and explain.
4. Mention the main characteristics and function of the semen.
5. Give explanation about Male sex hormones, their functions and effects over male reproduction.
6. The female reproductive system performs tree main functions. Mention and describe them.
7. Describe the organs, locations, main characteristics, and the function of the Female reproductive system and the genital tract.
8. Once a month the ovarian follicle burst. The ovary ejects a mature egg or ovum, this process is call ovulation. Describe it.
9. During female puberty, the ovaries begin to secrete the sex hormones: Estrogen and Progesterone. Illustrate their function, secreting cell and their role in the Hormonal control of the reproductive cycles.
10. There are two components of the female reproductive cycle; the ovarian cycle and the uterine cycle. These cycles begin at puberty and last about 40 years. Explain cycles, phases, and their most important characteristics.

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