answer these questions please as the instructions

First: The Outsider No End Ch.6-The Marysville Hole Ch.9 Forum

Hello class, post your thoughts about The Outsider as we close in towards the end of the book.

1. What themes stood out to you the most and why?

2. In Visits Ch.3, Macy’s Tells Gimbles Ch.9, Ch.13, Ch.17, Bienvenidos Ch.1, and The Marysville Hole Ch.1 we see the progression of Jack Hodskins character in the text from corrupt cop to the Outsider’s murderous ally. How do these chapters show why Jack was corrupted?

3. How does Jack’s character tie to any of the themes from the book?


The Marysville Hole Ch.10-Author’s Note Questions

The Marysville Hole

  • Ch.21 How does Outsiders face reflect his powers? How does he take more from people than just their appearance?
  • How are the caves as a setting reflective of Outsider’s character?
  • How does Ralph put greater good above his desire to be with his wife and son?
  • Does Outsider enjoy what he does to the people he frames and why?

5.What point does Holly make about the Outsider that angers him so much? What theme does this tie to dealing with how we deal with the unknown?

  • How do Holly and Ralph both save each other from Outsider in the caves?
  • Ch.27 How does Jeannie play a key role in helping Marcy and the group move on and keep their cover about what happened with the Outsider? What theme does this tie to?

Flint City

  • Ch.3 When Holly and Ralph are talking on the phone what does she tell him about her world view that helps her cope with grief and trauma? What theme does this tie to?
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