Explain each of the subfields of anthropology and the importance of the four-field approach.Explain what is meant by differential net reproductive success. Give an example of how this mechanism works.Compare and contrast the processes and end products of mitosis and meiosis.Weekly Homework DirectionsEach week you will answer 3 short answer/essay questions, each worth 5 points.  The questions will focus on key concepts from the current weeks’ module. Please follow the tips below to ensure you are getting the most out of your homework grade!The questions will draw primarily from your textbook and the Power Points, but they will be supported by the material in the required films.  You are encouraged to use all your available sources to answer them.Each answer should be a minimum of 200 words, its not an exact science, but if you’re not close to this mark you are most likely not going into enough detail, or answering the entire question.When answering questions that ask for a definition,do not use a quote from the book to give that definition!Put the answer in your own words to show you understand what is being asked.Use quotations sparingly. Answers that are quote after quote do not show understanding or analysis and will be marked down.Do not use bullet points, graphs, charts or other methods to answer.  You need to write out your analysis/answer to show me you understand the material.Any quotes or outside sources need to be appropriately cited.All answers need to be written at a college level with appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar.You will be turning all of your homework in through the TurnItIn link. So remember, if you cheat, it will catch you!Answer all three questions on one document and upload your work just once.Do not email your work to me.  It will not be graded.You are strongly encouraged to submit your homework well before the due date.  Late submissions will not be accepted.  So if you wait until the last minute to submit and you have technical issues, your computer crashes, or the internet goes out, and you cannot submit in time, you will still receive a zero for the assignment.When you submit your homework it must be in Word or PDF format.  If you submit it in any other format it cannot be opened and I will not be able to grade it and you will receive azeroon that weeks homework.

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