Applied Analytic Methods –

Here is the description: Tables with Reservations – Because there is such a wide variety of things to be learned in statistics and research methods, these exercises give you an opportunity to put into practice some of the concepts that you are learning in these courses. Following class discussion of these tables, you will be asked to write up our observations of how useful (or not) these tables are.
1 paragraph per study
in research is really, really accurate. lhe oblect _ ‘1, – 3 D
this exercise is to put on your thinking cap and – ,, * m p «A
tically look at the information being presented 7 ” ‘ ‘ a
the table below. (,an you tell what the research Y 4 PM 3″ a ,3
restion or questions are just by looking at the ta- 5;.
e? Can we make out which are the independent ,-_- -__- – F’
iriables and the dependent variables? Does any of L g a
make sense? ()R is it all just a bunch of gobny ‘ ’5
30 of numbers? 4’5 ‘t
p j: -r- ‘ «a
Iuhle A I. Median Household Debt and Percent of Households Holding Debt:
more» We can’t always trust that what we m D
an in research is really. really accurate. The obiect
of this exercise is to put on your thinking cap and – – (:33,
critically look at the information being presented Q “ff-‘7 _.,__-:* ‘ v A?”
In the table below. Can you tell what the research I . s . . . .,._ 3.;
question or questions are just by looking at the ta-
hie? What is the connection between the small ta. -__- -__- – – – 3’;
late and the histogram? Does any of it make sense? . – 9;
03 is it all lust a bunch of gobbly goop of numbers? 5″.
m ” 3 i
nfi-m 3
[h Statistics
i i‘ N Valid 1969
‘g Missing 5
r d. Mean 48. 19
L I ‘ i‘ Median 47.00
A !’ Mode 30″
. a Maltese moses 8115′. The sma :es’, was-e is shown
Marsden, Michael Hout, and Jibum Kim. General Social Surveys. 1972-2012 [ma-
[Principal investigator. Tom W. Smith: (lo-Principal investigator, Peter V. Mars-
Michael Hoot: Sponsored by National Science Foundation. -.’ORC ed» Chicago:
“In“ Manta [producer]; Stem. CT: The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, L’n‘n-er-

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