The appositive, a charming and elegant structure, helps get more information into a sentence.

I. Take the extra information from the second sentence and insert it into the first sentence as an appositive.

  1. Janine was the hardest-working girl in my college class.
    [She was a star track and field athlete.]
  2. The memoir Educated tells the story of Tara Westover.
    [Westover was a homeschooled girl from rural Idaho.]
  3. Westover describes the first time she heard the story of Randy Weaver.
    [Weaver was a survivalist whose wife and son were killed by FBI agents during a siege.]
  4. I locked my keys in my car with the engine running.
    [This was a really dumb thing to do.]
  5. We spent twelve years in that town.
    [It was a remote backwater in Northern Nevada.]
    [It was a place that only long-distance truckers ever stopped in.]
  6. According to Amy Chua, the key to raising successful children lies in teaching them to work insanely hard.
    [Amy Chua is a writer and law professor.]
  7. I finally decided to go to the wedding looking smoking hot.
    [This was my only way of proving that I no longer cared about Ramon.]
  8. Robert Vedder argues that for many students, college is a poor investment.
    [Robert Vedder is an economist and director of the Center for College Affordability.]
  9. I’ll never forget my bat mitzvah.
    [It was one of the hottest days in recent memory.]
    [It was a real scorcher.]
    [It was the kind of day where dogs lie motionless in the park and children move around listlessly.]
  10. College has become very expensive.
    [College is the primary vehicle by which people improve their incomes and lifestyle.]

2: Complete the sentences below by adding a noun phrase appositive that gives more information about the bolded word or phrase.
Remember to put the appositive in a place that makes sense, and to punctuate it correctly!

1. I gazed through the door of my favorite café,

2. On the street outside stood a man,

3. The passers-by stood around him grinning fiercely.

4. Next thing I knew, a tremendous fight had broken out.

5. I turned to the waiter and asked if he knew why this neighborhood was suddenly so lively.

6. He merely shrugged and poured more undrinkable coffee

7. Then the walls were shaken by a tremendous noise

8. At this point, I had had enough of the whole scene and made a swift exit.

9. But as I reached my car, I turned and saw a man,

10. It turned out that I’d left without paying, and had been pursued by the café owner,

3. Write two sentence of your own including one or two noun phrase appositives in each.

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