argumentative essay 170

The Researched Argumentative Essay

TOPIC: THE UNNECESSARY USE OF THE CELLPHONES NOWADAYS. (compare how years ago we gave them a correct use and now a days we need them to survive, how they can cause brain tumors, how can affect the cellphones in school…

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to explore an inquiry of interest to you. The task is to write a well-developed essay in which you clearly state your opinion on a controversial topic and support that opinion with detailed reasons and evidence. You must include opposing viewpoints in your discussion and have a clear sense of writing for academic-oriented audience, who will disagree with you.That means, you will think about how to establish your credibility and present logical argument and convincing facts to your readers to urge them to think about the issue from

different perspectives.The whole assignment will be conducted in the following way:

First, pick acontroversial issue. It is to your advantage to choose an issue you feel strongly about. A cliché topic will not be a wise choice, since it is relatively harder for you to come up with original argument and evidence.

To talk about the environment issue in your city will help you form a clearer idea of your targeted

audience, rather than talking about environment issue in general. Second, you must take a clear and discernible stance

on the issue, as it is impossible for you to argue for your points if your stance is vague and ambiguous. However, your initial stance might change or be modified during the research process, which is a positive sign of you obtaining new information and


Third, use the library to find sources to support your argument. This will help you establish the history and background of the issue, be aware of the various groups involved in the issue and their positions. You will be required to find at least

4 sources ( two of them has to come from our library database, the others can be from a newspaper or magazine or from the Internet; some sources support your view and some sources are against you). Identify the audienceto whom you wish to address your argument. Persuasion is normally targeted at people who disagree with you, rather than those who are already on your side. Are you talking to expert, policy maker, or a group of readers with special interest? Defining your audience and what they value will help you focus your essay and decide what information and evidence to use in your essay

When you are ready to write, don’t forget to think about the weaknesses and strengths of your own position. A one-sided argument, which refuses to acknowledge the validity of other points of view, will not be convincing.

Throughout this assignment, I hope you can develop:

-the ability to find, gather, and interpret facts, data and other information relevant to the problem

-the ability to see different ways in which the question might be answered anddifferent perspectives for viewing it.

-the ability to analyze competing approaches and answers, to construct arguments for and against alternatives, and to choose the best solution in light of values, objectives and other criteria.

-the ability to write an effective argument justifying your choice while acknowledging counterarguments.(adapted from

the Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing, 2009, p. 30)

Final version. Due Dec. 3rd, 2019.


Save your essay in the following way: name argument draft# date (junargumentdraft1


Your essay has to be at least 6 full pages

(excluding the Works cited page ). Title needed


Font 12, double-spaced. MLA format.

Minimum 4 sources- 2 scholarly, 2 popular sources.

Avoid unintentional plagiarism in your source incorporation part.


Your grade on this paper will be determined not only by your mastery of

several skills, but also by the amount of improvement between your draft and your final

paper. The following criteria are important:


Use of argument

: Does the essay develop a clearly stated, audience appropriate

argument? Does it express a clear stance on a well-defined issue? Does the essay

present a full and fair picture of the issue and then argue for a position?


Organization and progression of thought

: Does the essay follow a logical

sequence to highlight the inquiry into the issue? Are the paragraphs cohesive? Do

they build a well-developed argument? Is the connection between the issue and

evidence clear?


Research and sources

: Does the essay meet the source requirement? Are the

sources used effectively (does the chosen information best serve the argument?)

Are the sources cited appropriately and correctly?



Are the sentences varied and forceful? Is the diction proper and

precise, the tone appropriate and compelling?



Are the grammar, spelling, and punctuation in accordance to standard

usage? Is the essay correctly formatted for this class.

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