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Topic: Arlene Blum Ascends Annapurna
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Arlene Blum Ascends Annapurna
Chapter #4 of the Useem et al Text
AUTHOR: Useem, 1998
TEXT BOOK: The Leadership Moment: Nine True Stories of Triump and Disaster and Their Lessons for Us All
PUBLISHER: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 9780812932300
Leadership Moment Paper Analysis Guide
Paper Requirements (sent by professor)
Each paper should contain four sections. The first section of the paper summarizes the leadership moment episode. Present the facts of the chapter, the decisions facing the leader, and the actions that were taken.
The next section of the paper should identify the key leadership issues that were presented in the chapter. In selecting your issues, remember that I am not presuming a precise definition of leadership. There are many definitions, and when you read this literature you learn that leadership is not only about doing the right thing; it is also about making decisions when it is least clear what course of action should be followed. Its sometimes about creating or changing a vision, bringing others along or mobilizing them to get a job done, and making a difference. Choose your issues carefully.
The third part of the case assessing the leadership strengths and weaknesses of the prime character in the episode. Did they do the right thing? What were the implications for them, their organization, or in some instances, their country or the world? In hindsight, could they have made different choices that would have enhanced their position of leadership?
The fourth part of the paper is a personal statement about what you have learned about your own leadership traits from this leadership moment. Do you think you could have performed in a similar situation with similar outcomes. If not, what would you need to work on to be effective in this situation? Does it present any implications for your personal leadership style, for example, in the way to want to deal with people (superiors or subordinates), with the public, or with competitors in the marketplace.
However, the page limit for the leadership moment paper is 8 double spaced pages, not including your APA cover page and a reference page. All type must be double spaced Times Roman 12 point pica.

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