arth200 art appreciation 2

Choose one artist

Artist: (Edouard Manet)

Two Pieces of Artwork : Olympia / Civil War

In this paper, fully discuss the artist and two artworks by the artist. Your paper should include:

  • 2-page biography of the artist/architect, discussing him or her within the context of their culture, time period, or art movement. Summarize information that helps us better understand the artwork
  • A description, formal analysis, and interpretation of each of the 2 works of art/architecture by that artist (2 pages each). (Use the “Writing an Art Critique” and “Formal Analysis” handouts)
  • A short conclusion that explains why you chose the artist or architect
  • Works Cited section that includes at least 6 reliable sources, at least two of which should be peer-reviewed and from scholarly journals or books

Here is a summary of what you will submit:

  • A 2-page biography of your artist
  • A 2-page description, formal analysis, and interpretation of the first work of art
  • A 2-page description, formal analysis, and interpretation for the second work of art
  • In a concluding paragraph, explain why you chose this artist or architect
  • An MLA style “Works Cited list with 6 reference sources. 2 sources should be peer-review from scholarly journals or books.
  • Format using MLA style with double spacing. (Arial 10 or Times-New Roman 12).
  • Remember to write your paper in a Word doc. Pages is not supported on Sakai.
  • Include images of the artwork, if possible.
  • The paper should be contained in one document file.

This is a formal research paper, written in the third person, but please end with why you chose this artist. REMEMBER: you need to deliver 6 pages of text per page, and use MLA.

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