article 2

In Q&A format, answer each question using the article attached. Place all answers under each question.1)List the Name of the article, Authors, Date, and publisher.2)Describe (in your own words) in 2-3 sentences what the research article is about. Be concise.3)Where was the study conducted and who was the target population?4)What was the main purpose of this research study? What question was the research study trying to answer?5)How was the model/theory used? Be specific: What concepts/constructs from the model were used and how were they used?6)What methods were used?7)What were the pros/strengths and cons/weaknesses/limitations of the study?8)What were the results of the study? Were they important?9)What conclusions were made? How could the results of this study be helpful to health educators?10)Does the article make sense? Do you have confidence in the findings? Why or why not?

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