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Topic: Article Review
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Introduction (10%)
The introduction will have a sentence that introduces the title of the article or book, the year it was published and the name of the author (the bibliographic details). You will also need to outline the central themes of the article and what point of view the writer presents.
a) 40% words on a summary
– In sentences and paragraphs, summaries the main points of the article in the same order the writer uses.
o Omit any descriptive details such as statistics and examples. Stick to the main points.
o Avoid using the same word combinations that the author uses. Write the main points in your own way.
o If writing in your own words, summarizing or paraphrasing, you do not need to identify the author as you normally would when writing an essay.
o If you use quotations from the article, use quotation marks to make this clear.
b) 40% Words on critiquing
– What is the main point or argument in the article?
– What is the writer’s perspective or theoretical position?
– Are the writer’s ideas similar or different to those of other writers?
– Do the writer’s ideas help or hinder their argument?
– Is the writer biased in any way?
– Is the writer qualified to write in this area?
– Do you agree with the writer’s ideas? Why? Why not?
– Is the text easy to understand or written in a very complicated way, with gaps in its definitions and/or methodology?
– How does the writer use other sources?
– Does the writer simplify complex ideas or make simple concepts difficult to grasp?
– Would you recommend this article to someone else interested in this subject?

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