•Look up and read the Wikipedia articles on Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Atheism.

•From each article, select 5 statements that appear to be key descriptions of the religion or belief-system. The statements could be key teachings, descriptions of God, every-day practices, ideas of “eternal life” or the purpose of human existence.You may choose your five (for each of the belief-systems) for any number of reasons (e.g., they appear to summarize and define the religion/belief system; you found them to be little known and interesting aspects of the religion/belief system; you found them to be ideas that were very similar to yours, etc.

•Digitally, highlight (copy) and paste your selected sentences into a single Word Document with four headings:Judaism; Christianity; Islam; Atheism.Enter and paste the sentences under the appropriate heading.(You will have 20 statements altogether; the five for Judaism will go under that heading and so forth for the other headings.)Format the Word Document in New Times Roman, Font 12.Make sure your name, class name, and due date, 11-12-16 is at the top.)

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