asa 001 hune doing gender with a feminist gaze a historical reconstruction of asian america

In “Doing Gender with a Feminist Gaze: A Historical Reconstruction of Asian America,” Shirley Hune states that “viewing Asian American women’s lives as gendered reveals how they have actively negotiated and contested traditional hierarchical gender relations and flexed their gender roles to fulfill personal goals and to pursue household and community interests”(427). Explain and define in your own words and historical examples what Hune’s quote specifically means as part of your thesis paragraph and thesis angle for this paper. You can certainly think about Mary Paik Lee’s Quiet Odyssey and what were the specific issues and challenges that Korean American women faced as they fulfilled various roles in their families/household and in the building of ethnic communities in the U.S.?Additionally, research on what were some of the important roles and activities of Korean American women in the transnational movement for national independence and nation building, anti-imperialism/colonialism movements, in the U.S. and /or globally? For example, what information on Asian women’s transnational activities did you find that provides evidence of their specific gendered activities in terms of patriotism, fighting for Independence and nation-building in history?


Be at least

6-7 pages long (exclusive

of bibliography). If 6

pages, it should reach the bottom of the page—

not a couple of sentences at the top of the sixth page.


Be on ONE topic only (see below for topics). You should reference

specific topic choice in your

thesis paragraph.


Be formatted properly:

a. Document requirements:

i.12-point font

ii.1-inch margins





On white paper




A catchy title (aligned to the top middle of first page).

b.Title requirements:


On the first page (single-spaced here and aligned to the top right):

1.Course title

2.Your name

3.The date.

ii.On every page:

1.Page numbers (aligned to the top right,except

first page)

3.Be spell-checked, proofread, and grammar-

checked if needed.

4.Use transitions. The prompts to each of the topic options are meant to guide you through

brainstorming about the thesis/the central angle that you are going to state in your paper before

you start writing. So, think about how to weave or relate the questions in the prompt to the central

point/thesis you are going to state/construct for building your first paper. Do not just answer one

question after another like a robot. Three external scholarly sources needed besides reading provided in class. All the readings are too large to upload on here but i will provide them

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