asian american interracial coalition and conflict


Topic: interracial coalition and conflict.

The readings for this week deal specifically with the issues around the Black Lives Matter movement through the lens of Asian American communities. As you read through the material, you should be formulating a response to the following prompt:

After reading, consider how the experiences of Asian American communities complicate narratives and discussions of race relations in America, which have traditionally been drawn from a black-white racial paradigm. If Black Lives Matter is centered on social justice issues, particularly around the issue of police brutality, how should Asian American communities play a part in such a movement, if at all? What concerns among these different groups? In what ways are there crucial differences that also need to be acknowledged?

NOTE: Your paper should be presenting an argument, but that argument must be drawn from actual research and not just “Well, I think that…”.


Complete the assigned readings for this week. You should complete all readings as if this were any other assignment. Also think about any additional sources that you would like to utilize.

Submit a proposal or outline for what you would like to write about. You will need to submit a short write-up that includes: 1) The argument that you would like to make, and ideally, also 2) a proposed outline of what information that you will cover as a part of your paper. The proposal will be the primary written assignment for this week, in lieu of the typical discussion forum. I will provide any feedback for your ideas as needed.

After you have reviewed your final proposal feedback, complete your final draft and submit it by the due date. There will be a separate submission link to upload your final paper.


Failure to meet any of the requirements below will result in various point deductions.

  1. 4-5 pages in length (1,200-1,500 words).
  2. Do not plagiarize. All work must be your own.
  3. Include works cited page (does not count as a part of the page total).
  4. Must use at least THREE (3) of the assigned readings for this topic.
  5. Must incorporate at least TWO (2) more outside (credible) research sources.
  6. Consistent MLA/APA formatting throughout.
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