Assessment #2 – Project –

Assessment #2 – Project
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Part A – Introduction
? Begin part A with an Introduction. In your introduction, you outline the purpose, scope and
structure of your assignment. Avoid wordy introductions (e.g. First, I will do this…., Then, I will
do that….). Your introduction gives the reader an overall sense of your paper – your overall
goal(s), why relevant, what it will cover, the perspective being taken, and how it is organised.
The reader does not need to know how you went about the process of developing your
? Key (referenced) definitions that are relevant to the whole discussion can also be included in
your introduction e.g. What does social-emotional development refer to, what does transition
to school mean?
Part A – Body
? This section is where you analyse and discuss the required aspects of children’s social and
emotional development which are relevant to children’s successful transition to school.
? There are no options here. Your paper must cover all of the following topics:
o Moral development
o Development of peer relationships
o Family factors
o Gender stereotypes and gender roles
o Emotional development (this area can include attachment and temperament)
o Understanding of self and others
? Analysis of each area requires you to make decisions about what to select in each area of social
and emotional development. What you select will be guided by your focus for this essay.
? Creating a discussion requires you to:
o briefly describe the selected aspects of social and emotional development and to relate
them to developmental norms and/or factors which contribute to their development, as
relevant, and
o justify why these aspects will assist children’s transition
? So, in creating your analysis and discussion you need to be quite focussed in what you select to
write about. Some key thoughts are:
o Keep in mind you are taking the perspective of a preschool director, so your interest is in
children approaching the transition to school, rather than the school context itself or
what children develop through the schooling experience.
o You are not required, however, to describe what you would do as a teacher to support
children’s transition to school. Rather, you are creating a ‘picture’ of the abilities and
understandings, in the different topic areas, that children typically have acquired by this
stage and how these would support their transition to a school environment.
o In this assignment your focus is on successful transition, so avoid discussing issues that
may negatively impact on children’s transition to school.
o The word count for this section is 2150, and you need to cover 6 key aspects of social –
emotional development. As a guide, this gives you about 350 words per topic. While
each topic does not need to be of equal length, take care that you have some balance
i.e. you do not cover one topic in so much detail that it comes at the expense of being
able to cover the remaining topics satisfactorily.
? Provide a very brief conclusion that highlights the main ideas presented in your discussion. Keep
it brief (no more than 100 words, for example). Your conclusion should not try to identify what
you did in your essay, repeat the same information presented in the body of your discussion, or
introduce new ideas.

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