Assessment of the Musculoskeletal System

Jonah Kotter is a 5-year-old male preschooler who presents to the pediatrician’s office for complaints that his leg “hurts”.
Subjective Data
PMH negative
Immunizations: Up to date
No medications
No allergies
Pain: 3/5 on pain scale
Attends Kindergarten
Does not remember injuring leg
Objective Data
Vital signs: T 37 degrees Centigrade, P 94, R 18, BP 100/70
Lungs: clear
Heart rate and rhythm regular
Moving all extremities
+ Range of motion legs and arms
Strength 5/5 in all extremities

What other questions should the nurse ask?
What techniques are helpful to incorporate in assessing a patient in this age group?
What are a few of the major differences in the musculoskeletal assessment of a child?
What should be included in the plan of care?
Based on the readings, what is the most likely cause of leg pain for this patient?


REFERENCE:Jarvis, C. (2016). Physical examination & health assessment (7th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Saunders.

Chapter 22: Musculoskeletal System
pp. 577–619 (Structure, Function, Subjective and Objective Data, Documentation and Critical Thinking)
Chapter 23: Neurologic System
pp. 633–676 (Structure, Function, Subjective and Objective Data, Documentation and Critical Thinking)

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