Assignment 1

PART ONE: DUE THURSDAY  (APA FORMAT)Discussion Question:Answer the following questionsHow does a person’s difference in age, culture, race, gender and living situation impact your comfort as a nurse in communicating with them?While growing up, how were ageing biases treated in your family, culture, community and in society (identify the year range).Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbookPART TWO- DUE SUNDAY NIGHTThree-part APA Paper….Part 1: Reflect on how those experiences from the Discussion Post impact your nursing practice now?Part 2: Discuss what ageing biases you have witnessed &/or perpetrated.Part 3: Create a community education plan to address ageing bias.The assignment should be written in an APA-formatted essay. The essay should be at least 1500 words in length and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.

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