Assignment 1 –

Assignment 1
1. Read pp. 15-19, 34-38 in CI.
2. Read the two essays on pp. 61-63 and pp. 125-28 of CI.
What one sentence in this essay best indicates the essay’s thesis? Type the entire sentence when giving me your answer.
To assist with your answer, re-read p. 35 on what a “thesis sentence” is. However, do not assume a thesis is always in the first paragraph of long essays such as these. (In fact, do not assume that an author’s thesis sentence always tells readers what his/her real purpose might be.)
4. Paper #1 will require you to write an objective summary of one of these essays. Tell me which one you are most interested in working on–and then tell me why in one sentence. You can change your mind after you submit Task #3 but will need to commit to a choice fairly soon.
assignment 2 due wednesday night:
Step 1 . Rd. pp. 39-47 in CI. These pages provide much of the instruction you’ll be given for our first major paper (an objective summary), so read this material carefully.
Step 2 . Rd. my Lesson 3 on Sakai (“Writing an Objective Summary” under the Lessons tab). This material provides additional information I have written to assist you with an objective summary as I have assigned it for Paper #1.
Step 3. Rd. the sample essay by Charles Murray on pp. 528-30 in CI. Using the 5-step procedure from Lesson 3, analyze and annotate his essay. Then, send me the following three items as your first graded homework Task. Use the box on this Sakai page to send your responses.
a. Largely in your own words, what is the major claim of this essay? (Limit your response to one sentence.)
b. Largely in your own words, summarize the single most important support that Murray uses to persuade us to accept his major claim. (Your answer should be 3-5 sentences—between 50 – 75 words.)
c. In another 3-5 sentences, explain exactly why you selected whatever you chose for item b above. What makes you think it is the most important support the essay gives us? Don’t just basically make a claim that it’s important. Why is it worth nominating as the most important thing Murray says in this essay to support his claim? (If you need to take more than 5 sentences, that’s ok, but not much more.)
For items b and c in particular, there is no one right answer, but you need to make a convincing but brief case about the most important piece of evidence or reasoning that Murray gives. I’ll be flexible about your selection as long as it’s an important point that you justify well. As always, your responses should be clear and grammatically acceptable.

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