Assignment # 6: Interim Project Update –

Assignment # 6: Interim Project Update
Project Statement:
• You have been given the responsibility to fabricate a lamp model. The individual elements need to be made, and assembled. You need to consider how to assemble in conjunction with making the individual components.
• The available drawings may be reworked (highly advised) and design for X considerations must be utilized.
Project Update:
This update consists of a group and individual effort. Your group may have focused on design for X, component fabrication, the final assembly, or all of the above. This is an update, and is to show that you have been making progress towards your final goal.
Individual assignment: (45 marks)
Each person will submit their individual work to date. The parts / processes / designs / calculations / fabrication tasks performed to date, and what you will be doing, are to be summarized in a clear concise manner. You will indicate on every sheet your name – developing a template with a header / footer as appropriate will assist in compiling all the relevant info. in a well structured manner.
Group assignment: (15 marks)
The group deliverable will be a summary of the work to date and next steps, including an updated Overview Plan and BOM. This will form the basis of your technical report. The summary should list the assumptions, design strategies, and design calculations. For the update, you can create section headers to be used in the final report, and list the information, or you can do a more formal write up. The decision is yours for the update. The final report requires structure. The summary should contain a 4 – 6 page maximum to highlight the fabrication approaches /key features with respect to design and assembly / technologies (and why) / materials (and why) for your project.
A template needs to be created for the individual contributions, as this will be appended to the summary provided. You can develop a variation of the “DECK” spreadsheet, along with a Word based template, or use another approach.
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