assignment extra credit

watch this video and answer the following questions: do you personally feel about FMTs? Would you consider receiving an FMT if it was medically necessary? Why or why not?(Links to an external site.)Find a recent news article (published within the last 5 years) from a reputable source (e.g.BBC (Links to an external site.),Nature Journal News (Links to an external site.),NPR (Links to an external site.),Science Magazine News (Links to an external site.)) OR a journal article (you may consultPubMed (Links to an external site.)) that discusses either a potential therapeutic application for FMTs,Make sure that you select an article for an application other than the treatment of C. difficile infections since this is extensively discussed in the video. The use of FMT is being explored as a potential therapy for many diseases, including neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions, mental health conditions, and metabolic syndromes, to name a few. There is plenty to choose from, so pick something that interests you. Alternatively, you may also discuss a report of adverse events associated with FMT.PLEASE NOTE: although news articles from reputable sources are allowed for this post, they are NOT peer-reviewed. This means that although it is fine for you to use these for your discussion post, you would not be able to use them for a review paper.Write a short summary (150-250 words) of the news article you selected, using your own words.Provide a link and citation of the news article you selected

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