assignment final paper part 1

Biological psychology seeks to understand behavior from the biological perspective. It is, of necessity, interdisciplinary. This rapidly growing field has enabled scientists and clinicians to understand processes that are important in daily life and clinical conditions. Global surveys of neurologic and psychiatric conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders, find that 20–30% of the population has symptoms consistent with being diagnosed with a neurologic or psychiatric condition in any one year, and the lifetime incidence for being diagnosed with a few clinical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, approaches 100%. Clearly, understanding the biological bases for these conditions provides a pathway for treatment, affecting positive social change.

This week, you submit the first part of your Biologic Basis paper. In this portion of your final paper, you will identify and thoroughly describe a neurological condition, including the known neuroanatomy and neurophysiology as well as at least one treatment.

You will receive feedback from your Instructor by Day 7 of Week 6. You will then incorporate this feedback and extend the paper for the final submission, which will be due at the end of Week 10, for another 50 points.

To prepare:

  • Using the Walden Library, locate academic resources on the current knowledge base, treatments for, and impacts of your selected disorder. Be prepared to cite all references used in the preparation of your paper.

By Day 7

Part 1: Neurological Basis of Disorder: Current Knowledge, Treatments, and Impacts

In approximately 5 pages,

  • Describe your selected condition, including the incidence, symptoms, and societal impact.
  • Describe the neurologic basis of the condition, including the known neuroanatomy and neurophysiology associated with the condition.
  • Describe at least one treatment for the condition, considering how it impacts the biologic basis of the condition.

Note: It is entirely possible that some of these topics are not known at this time for some conditions. In that case, indicate the gaps in current knowledge and describe what the literature does include.

Adhere to APA style and formatting for your paper. Include proper citations and references, Zero plagiarizing, Quote work,’s .

Please see the Final Paper Guidelines: Biologic Basis of Neurologic or Psychiatric Disorder in your Learning Resources for complete description.

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