Assignment –

This assignment consists of three parts. Each part is to have certain number of words and should be written without introduction and conclusion. References used for this assignment must not be older than 5 years (since 2010) and must be Australian.
Task one looks at the specific rights and responsibilities of the registered nurse in a specialty clinical area (perioperative settings-anaesthetic nurses or scrab/scout nurses), including from the perspective of keeping the nurse and her/his patients/clients safe. It also raised the issue of legal responsibilities and identified issues specific to the specialty area. Identify some of the safety issues related to the specialty and determine some strategies you can use to keep yourself safe. You should conclude the task with examining the legal aspects associated with the specialty, both in terms of your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the employer. You can use both of the references below plus more.
To get you thinking, here is a link to a book chapter on Personal Safety for Nurses (Trinkoff et al., 2008), in Hughes(2008) Patient Safety and Quality: an Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses:
Write a 500 word paragraph on an issue of safety that you explored in some depth, ensuring it is specifically related to the specialty area (perioperative settings).
This task looks specifically at the rights of clients and in more depth the rights of their carers in the process of treatment and recovery. It raises some questions about how the nursing profession views and deals with the rights of the carers and their need for information, particularly in the context of patients/clients who may lack insight in their care needs.
The carers play an important role in providing information to health care professionals but do they have any rights to be considered in the decision making of care if there is no legal directive. The patient/client has rights but do the carers have rights as well. You can use these references below:
Write a paragraph of 600 words on your understanding of the dilemma of providing information to carers while considering the confidentiality concerns relating to the patient/client. Don’t forget to consider the ethical implications in your consideration of the issue.
Find article from magazines, journals, blogs, online postings, where the person writes about the meaning an illness has had for them:
• From the perspective of the person being cared for
• From the perspective of the person closest to them (partner, parent, child, etc)
• From the perspective of a health professional caring for such a person
Choose one of your readings and write a reflection of 550 word on how that has changed your perspective or given you some insight into the meaning illness has for a particular person. Could you please use the article below and support your writing with more references.
A Holistic Approach to Severe Depression
When writing your reflection makes sure you consider your own perceptions, morals and ethics.

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