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A tenet refers to a principle that makes a profession to be what it was meant to be. Butts & Rich (2012) came up with nine provisions that describe the practice of an ethical nurse. This paper will discuss the third and sixth of the Nine Tenets of the Code of Ethics as they appear in the appendix B section by Butts.

Tenet Three: Advocacy role. The nurse must strive to protect the health, safety as well as the rights of patients that have been placed under their care. One of the most significant roles of a nurse is the advocacy function. Advocates intercede on behalf of other people. The support services of nurses go beyond communication and liaison to include other aspects such as educating and interpreting when the language barrier becomes a hindrance to the provision of quality patient care (Abbasinia, Ahmadi, & Kazemnejad, 2020). Of the healthcare team that works for the improvement of patient outcomes, nurses spend more time with the sick. As such, they can be better advocates to make the interaction of patients with members of the healthcare team successful. Similarly, they liaise with family members of the patient. It should be noted that as nurses perform the advocacy role, they are continually improving their nursing practice to continue being competent and relevant in the profession.

Nursing advocacy works to prevent patients from suffering, preserve human dignity, and promote equality. Since patients and their families are frightened at the outcome of their condition, I make sure that I keep them in constant communication; making sure that I respond to all their worries. I understand that every person has a right to be free from pain and suffering. I not only ensure that they are free from painful experiences but also ensure that all their rights are well protected. A deviation in the health status of a person does not insinuate that they should be mishandled. In fact, this is the moment when they should be handled with care, as well as demonstrating that their condition is a temporary one that will resolve soonest.

Tenet six: Establishment, maintenance, and improvement of healthcare environments and conditions of employment to provide quality care. Patients look up to nurses who they believe are trained to manage any deviations in their health. It is assumed that patients seek the services of a nurse after all other options of seeking available health care have been exhausted. For this reason, nurses should strive to focus on the needs of their patients, while taking into consideration the cultural practices of the community (Warner, Parr, & Cusack, 2019). Active participation of members of the victim’s family is crucial. The significant others will not only provide more information about the patient but are also in an advanced position to give informed decisions.

In my practice, I make my patients be my center of attention. Having joined the profession some years ago, I am determined to make a difference in the lives of those who are put under my care. For this reason, I make the needs of patients my priority. I am motivated when patients record an improvement in their health status. An undesirable patient outcome often leaves me with guilt for failing to stand with them when they needed me most. I, however, make sure that the feeling does not interfere with my role in providing quality care.








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