Bank Memo –

1. Provide an overview of the company’s accounting system. Specifically: a) What basis of accounting is used? Why is this basis most appropriate? How does it support responsible practices within
the company? b) What strategies is the business using to ensure responsible accounting practices? Why have these strategies been selected? c) Describe the overall accounting process and internal
controls for cash that are in place. For example, when are entries made, how often are statements produced and reviewed, and why? 2. Analyze the company’s performance based on the accounting
information you recorded. Specifically: a) Analyze the results of operations. What do these results tell a business? For example, what is the company doing well, and what changes might be needed?
Use the information in your workbook to support your answer b) What do the financial statements say about the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s financial position? Be sure to discuss the
role of ratio analysis in your response. c) Is the company going in the right direction? Why or why not? Use the information in your workbook to support your answer. d) What opportunities can the
company explore given its strengths and weaknesses? How would these be beneficial? Support your response with information from your workbook.

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