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Background: We have read and discussed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me and viewed the documentary, The House I Live In. We’ve also talked about the promise of the American Dream. It is clear that, in general, being a person of color in the United States means facing an entire history and heritage ranging from having no access at all to less access to the American Dream than others have generally had. We’ve discussed racism, police brutality/racial profiling, socio-economic status, the prison system and “the war on drugs,” and white privilege. Now you are ready to address the following prompt:


To what “Dream” does Ta-Nehisi Coates refer in his letter to his son, Between the World and Me? Why has this Dream been a lie, and remains a lie, for many African Americans?


· There are many ways to answer the second part of the prompt, so do not attempt to discuss them all. Pick no more than three or four of the “whys” and explain why they are particularly obstacles for people of color. Choosing just two or three and delving deeply into the topic would be even better.

· Think about the lessons of the book and the movie.

· If relevant, consider your own personal observations and experiences.

· Consider the article on white privilege and other articles on Web Access and what they show us.

· Investigate the many instances of unarmed black men being shot and killed by the police. Can you support the assertion that the police are more likely to kill a black person because they feel threatened by him than they are likely to kill a white person? What accounts for the false perception of threat?

· African Americans don’t use drugs at a rate higher than white people do, so why do so many black people, particularly men, wind up in jail? (The majority of people in jail are there for non-violent drug offenses.)

· Check out the ACLU’s web page on the “School to Prison Pipeline.”


· This essay should be about 4-5 pages, double-spaced, or roughly 1200-1500 words.

· Although the book, movie, texts on Web Access, and any personal experiences should be the sources you most rely on, you are allowed to do outside research to supplement the readings and use in your essay. Be sure to use credible sources!

· Submit your essay to and write your originality percentage on the first page of your final draft.

· Highlight two sentences that use semicolons correctly. (review)

· Highlight two sentences that join an independent to a dependent clause using a subordinator. (review)

· Highlight two sentences that join two independent clauses using a comma and one of the FANBOYS. (review)

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