Based on your data Volume/Mass of water, make a graph in an Excel file. You should title your axes and mention the unit for each. Also, draw a graph in Excel with an equation then answer the following questions:1- What does the equation show you?2- What does the coefficient number in the equation show you?3- What is the unit for that?4- What variables do you have in this experiment?5- Which variable is dependent which one is independent? (This needs critical thinking. Look at your data and think about that. You may need to review the handout that I gave to you in the lab).After making a graph in Excel, copy and paste the graph in a word document and answer the above questions then upload your word file to this assignment.Click on the following link to watch the tutorial video to draw a graph in Excel: attached a template of an excel file to this assignment to make it easier for you. You need just add your Mass data to the table and follow the instruction in the video to make a linear graph with the equation.Do not forget to add the title to axes and the title to your chart. Also, you should add the unit next to the title of axes.Please type your answers in the Word Document. DO NOT TYPE IN THE BRIGHTSPACE. TYPE IN THE WORD DOCUMENT AND UPLOAD IT.Graph with titled axes and unit (4 Points)Equation (1 Point)Questions (5 points)Start DateSep 13, 2021 10:00 PM Due DateSep 19, 2021 11:59 PM AttachmentsMetric Lab Addendum Template.xlsx(11.65 KB)

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